The staff of Promises is made up almost entirely of volunteers, who are called Door Holders. Why Door Holders? This article explains the term best. Our Door Holders give selflessly of their time, talents, wisdom and skill to serve those in need in our community.
Scrolling down on this page, you will see titles of some of our open positions. Clicking on the title will display the description. Many others are needed as well, in areas such as prayer, home repair, delivering groceries to homebound clients, establishing small groups for clients in their own neighborhoods and much, much more. Whether you wish to serve four hours a month or 20 hours a week, there is a spot for you.
If you would like to learn more, feel free to call us at 817-295-9384. You may fill out the Volunteer Application by clicking the button below. And if you’ve already completed the application process and know where you are going to volunteer, feel free to use the Schedule button below to view our weekly openings and schedule yourself where desired. Open slots wil be green.

Opportunities - Whether you love working with people or prefer to work behind the scenes, there is a place of service for everyone at Promises!

Receptionists greet guests when they enter the building and set the tone for the entire visit. The Receptionist calmly and warmly treats every guest with a cheerful smile and ensure that they feel welcome and comfortable. The Receptionist must also be committed to careful, complete and accurate data entry for every guest household they greet. Promises cannot fully help a family if we do not know the true extent of a situation. Therefore, the Receptionist ensures that each and every guest, and the guest?s family members, have accurate and up to date CharityTracker case files.

Client Advisers provide compassionate care to our clients by assessing the clients? needs, along with their eligibility under ministry guidelines, in order to address them. More importantly, the Adviser begins the process of working with clients to address long-term needs and desires, and the stumbling blocks, associated with each. Together, the client and the adviser will work together to establish goals to overcome the stumbling blocks, The Adviser will be expected to ensure follow-ups are done with each client to encourage and exhort the clients, as well as to hold them accountable to their goals. The Adviser is expected to ensure that each client’s case file in CharityTracker, including members of the household, is complete and updated with every visit.

Community Assistance Team Leaders are Client Advisers who also take on the duties of managing and scheduling the other Client Advisers. Also, Team Leaders are responsible for training new Door Holders in the Community Support Office.

Warehouse Team Leaders, both for the Pantry and the Clothing, ensure that their areas are adequately staffed, stocked, cleaned and organized according to the needs of the ministry and our clients. These Team Leaders assist the Warehouse Supervisor with scheduling and maintaining the warehouse for smooth operations.

Warehouse Team Members work where needed throughout the warehouse. We try to let each person serve wherever they choose, but cross-training is encouraged. Stocking, cleaning and organizing their areas, as well as helping clients and distributing assistance makes these team members the backbone of Promises.

Drivers pick up donated foodstuffs, mostly from the Walmart Neighborhood Market, using either their own pickup or, very soon, one of the retiring passenger vans from the church. The amount of time and work involved is variable depending on what Walmart has for us on that day. We pick up from them five days a week right now. When the driver gets back to Promises, the load has to be unloaded and stored safely, according to proper food handling procedures.


Wanda loves to give Bibles to our Promise's clients - adults and children!


Monica makes sure our Spanish speaking clients know about the grace of Jesus!


Patti greets every client with a sweet smile and an encouraging word!

Ellie and the team

These hard-working ladies makes sure Promises's clients have a nice selection of clothing.


Carolyn calls and sends cards to clients to make sure they know somebody cares!


Marcy warmly greets and helps all our clients.