2015KEF 004Promises Community Ministries is the counseling and community outreach arm of First Baptist Church Burleson. We exist to help our neighbors through times of need, and to equip and empower them toward a better quality of life.
We serve the community of Johnson County and residents within the Burleson Independent School District by providing food, clothing and toiletries. We also offer GED test preparation classes and the New Journeys Christian Women’s Job Corps. Our staff of Licensed Professional Counselors offers Biblically based counseling to individuals and families. Faith-in-Action teams are made of individuals, families, Bible study classes and other volunteers  who help meet special request needs of our clients. FIA teams are an example of  the Christian discipleship that is central to the mission of Promises. We believe that each person who enters our through our doors is a child of God and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, so a foundational thread of unconditional love is woven throughout all services offered at Promises.

Our History

“Doing church” goes much beyond Sunday mornings at First Baptist Burleson. A provision of after-school programs, children’s day care, recreation activities for all ages, counseling, and other ministries make our church a seven-day-a-week ministry center.


In 1999, God planted a passion in the hearts and minds of several members of our church to begin a new phase of ministry that eventually would become known as “Promises Community Ministries”.  In relatively short time, the vision for what this ministry could become was shared with the church family and enthusiastically endorsed. The name Promises Community Ministries was chosen to communicate our desire:  to share with our community the promise of hope and abundant life that can be found in Jesus Christ.  The question on the hearts and minds of many was this: how could we as a church develop a plan to minister to the whole person—caring for their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs? In the past, this had been done in part through the provision of counseling and benevolence ministries, so this new approach would stand on the shoulders of those who had faithfully served the Lord through these channels.


Promises Community Ministries was planned to minister to a variety of people. The spiritual and emotional needs of individuals and families would be addressed through a host of counseling related services—professional counseling, lay counseling, support groups, and educational classes.  Extending our ministry to care for the physical needs of families and individuals present in our community would provide another complete branch of the Promises ministry, including provision of food and clothing, and the opportunity to utilize on-site services of the Huguley Mobile Medical Unit.


All facets of this project were completed by volunteers and/or the use of funds donated specifically to the project.  The development of this ministry happened all because our church cares and wants to communicate the love of God in a practical way.  As one volunteer expressed, “ While there are some forms of ministry that may not be a fit for me, there is one thing I can do—work with my hands.” The statement of that volunteer echoes the sentiment of so many others who made the vision of this facility become reality.


We recognize that there may be a wide variety of circumstances that bring individuals and families our way. But if there is one thing we want each person to know, it is that we care for others because we have experienced the abundance of life in Christ. And, out of the overflow of what God has done for us, we want to minister to and serve our community in His name.  Stop by and visit us at Promises Community Ministries.